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Press Release – February 21, 2018


February 21, 2018 (Monroeville, Ala.) –   Hornady Transportation LLC, a Daseke company, has announced a new pay program designed to protect driver pay. With this new pay program, drivers will have the opportunity to receive a guaranteed weekly gross minimum pay.

The pay program, which starts March 6, applies to all Linehaul 1 and 2 drivers and protects them by providing a guaranteed weekly gross minimum pay determined by their pay bracket. Drivers who earn 46-50 cents per mile will be guaranteed $1,000 per week; those who earn 52 and 53 cents per mile will be guaranteed $1,100 per week, and drivers earning 54-56 cents per mile will be guaranteed $1,200 per week. In addition to the guaranteed weekly pay, Hornady Transportation will also prorate holiday weeks. 

“We know that this line of work requires a lot of sacrifices for professional drivers. They’re away from home and their loved ones for long periods of time,” said Joe Booker, president of Hornady Transportation. “This new pay program is one of the ways we can show our appreciation for their hard work & dedication.”

“As one of the Daseke family of companies, Hornady Transportation operates successfully by utilizing some of the best drivers in the trucking industry and offering top pay and benefits,” said Chris Hornady, CEO for Hornady Transportation. “Introducing a weekly minimum pay guarantee is just another way Hornady Transportation can compensate professional drivers for the sacrifice they make.”

Under this new program, drivers are guaranteed pay increases as pay-per-mile increases. This new pay increase also protects drivers from industry related influences that are out of their control. Drivers can expect the first settlement reflecting the new guarantee pay on their March 16 paychecks.



Press Release – December 13, 2017
Flatbed Hauler Hornady Transportation Offers Up to $10,000 in Sign-On Bonuses

MONROEVILLE, Ala., Dec. 13, 2017 — Hornady Transportation LLC, a Daseke company, has announced a hefty sign-on bonus of $6,000 to experienced drivers with one or more years of recent flatbed experience.

The bonus will pay out over 18 months in 3-month increments to company drivers signing on with the company prior to the end of January. As an added holiday bonus, the company is also providing $4,000 in Daseke stock for those who sign on before Christmas. The full stock amount vests over a period of five years.

The company also announced a new financial award for company drivers who have been with the company for 10 years or longer.

“We want to honor our long-term drivers with an added $1,000 bonus, plus give them $1,000 for every subsequent year going forward,” said Chris Hornady, Hornady’s chief executive officer. “It’s our way of thanks for continuing to drive for Hornady.” 

Hornady, which operates nearly 300 late model trucks, continues to grow, which “allows us to offer what we feel is a great driving opportunity with benefits to match,” said Hornady. “In the third quarter of this year we began offering guaranteed pay, and just last month we raised our pay structure to up to 56 cents per mile. The sign-on bonus and Daseke stock option complete the package and we’re excited to welcome new drivers to the Hornady family.”

Operating east of the Rockies, Hornady supports building products and steel industries. Hornady drivers can receive over-dimension, holiday, and clean-inspection pay, win prizes in a company rewards program and receive bonuses for referring drivers and customers to the company. 

Drivers interested in more information about joining the Hornady team, or applying, can visit

Press Release – November 8, 2017
Flatbed Hauler Hornady Transportation Increases Pay, Incentives for Current Drivers and New Hires

MONROEVILLE, Ala., Nov. 8, 2017 — Hornady Transportation LLC, a Daseke company, is increasing per-mile pay for both current and new-hire drivers and increasing other incentives to further enhance what is already one of the industry’s top compensation and benefits packages.

The move comes just two weeks after Hornady, a specialist in flatbed hauling, announced it will guarantee drivers a minimum weekly pay of $1,000.

Under the new schedule, drivers hired with at least 36 months driving experience will receive 53 cents a mile, up from 49 cents a mile. Starting rates for drivers with less experience were also increased. On a drivers’ anniversary date, they’ll receive penny-a-mile increases, up to a cap of 56 cents a mile. 

Drivers already with Hornady will also benefit from the new pay schedule, with an immediate increase for current drivers from 52 cents per mile to 54 cents. They too will see increases on each anniversary until they reach the 56-cent cap.

Chris Hornady, chief executive officer, said the increases are part of a driver-centric operating philosophy to recognize their contributions to the company’s success and growth.

“We are increasing our pay to attract experienced drivers with a strong work ethic,” Hornady said. “We’re a growing company with an expanding fleet of 270 trucks, and we need to recruit the industry’s best drivers. These pay increases will help us do that. We also want to reward our experienced drivers who have helped make this company what it is today.”

This pay increase is in addition to previous increases which included tarp pay, layover pay, detention pay and breakdown pay.

Hornady drivers also receive over-dimension, holiday, and clean-inspection pay, accrue merchandise in a company rewards program and receive bonuses for referring drivers and customers to the company. New drivers receive a $2,500 sign-on bonus and orientation pay (recently increased to $1,000). They will also receive a $4,000 grant in the Daseke stock ownership program.

Drivers interested in joining the Hornady team can visit 


Press Release – September 21, 2017
Hornady Transportation Announces Guaranteed Pay Program

Monroeville, Alabama: Hornady Transportation, LLC., a Daseke company, has announced a weekly minimum pay guarantee of $1,000 to company drivers. Already one of the highest paying flatbed companies in the country, with pay up to 52 cents per mile for experienced drivers, Hornady said it’s furthering its commitment to drivers with the pay guarantee.

“Drivers are the heart and soul of our company, and they make sacrifices by being away from home and loved ones,” said Chris Hornady, CEO of Hornady Transportation. “The guarantee gives them assurances of being paid, even if they’re not driving due to customer delays, congestion, operations, and market conditions. Rolling out this program will help protect  our drivers from issues they have no control over.”

According to Hornady, the company is continuing its driver-centric attitude, which has helped lower its driver turnover. “We continue to grow.  We’re up to 270 trucks and are always looking for quality drivers to join our team. We offer a $2,500 sign-on bonus, orientation pay that we’ve increased to $1,000, plus other bonuses for driver and customer referrals.”

Based in Monroeville, Alabama, Hornady Transportation, Inc., which was founded in 1928, hauls building products, steel components, and structures. The company recently acquired 2018 Kenworth T680s and runs a very young fleet. “Our trucks are top-of-the-line and average less than 3 years in age. We’ve made an effort to customize the trucks with chrome packages, dual stacks and premium interiors; we’re high image. Our top drivers average more than 2,300 miles per week, which is excellent in flatbed hauling. So the miles are there for dedicated drivers who are looking to maximize their pay,” said Joe Booker, President of Hornady Transportation.

Chris Hornady also said the driver to dispatch ratios continue to drop. “We believe communication and a solid relationship with our dispatchers is a vital component for a healthy relationship with our drivers,” said Hornady. “We want to meet our drivers’ needs. So if they need to get home, need time off, or request a certain route; we do our best to make it happen.” 

About Hornady Transportation: The company was founded in 1928 and is a leading flatbed transportation company. Operating East of the Rockies, Hornady supports building products and steel industries. In 2015, Hornady merged with Daseke Inc., the largest owner of flatbed, open-deck and specialty trucking capacity in North America, serving the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Hornady operates a fleet of 270 late model trucks and 375 flatbed trailers. 

Press Release – May 24, 2017
Daseke Announces Stock Plan for Truck Drivers

ADDISON, Texas – May 24, 2017 – Daseke, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSKE, DSKEW), North America’s largest owner and a leading consolidator of the open deck transportation and logistics market, has announced a ground-breaking new stock plan designed around professional company truck drivers. Daseke became a public company earlier this year and is traded on Nasdaq under the ticker symbols DSKE and DSKEW. An estimated 1 million shares of common stock with a current valuation of an estimated $9.9 million have been earmarked for the 2017 employee stock awards program. Restricted stock units (which are the right to receive common stock, subject to various vesting, transfer and other restrictions and which are referred to as “stock grants”) will be awarded to the approximate 2,100 company drivers and 800 support team employees who are employed by Daseke operating companies, and who were with a Daseke company in 2016. Stock grants will also be made to company drivers and support team employees who joined, or will join, a Daseke company in 2017.

“I’ve said from day one that people make the difference – we invest in people. In our industry, professional truck drivers truly are the heart and soul of everything we do,” said Don Daseke, president and CEO of Daseke.

“We want professional truck drivers and all our support team employees to have ownership in Daseke. To our knowledge, we are the first public for-hire trucking company to have a program that makes professional truck drivers company shareholders,” said Daseke. “It’s very exciting for me personally. A driver stock program was something I have been passionate about from the very beginning. This is about being an owner. We want people to come together, be empowered and build our company with the mindset of ownership.”

Stock grants will be awarded after one full quarter of service. Professional company drivers and support team employees who were hired in the first quarter of 2017, for example, will be granted stock grants in July 2017. Initial stock grant awards for those employed on December 31, 2016, will begin in June 2017.

“This is a program that is above and beyond what our operating companies already have in place with new hires, and it rewards those drivers who help us build the future,” said Daseke. “What’s more, we
offer industry leading benefits, such as a 401(k) match of up to 4 percent, and a top-tier health care plan.”

Many of the Daseke companies have been named as a Best Fleet to Drive For® by the Truckload Carriers Association in partnership with CarriersEdge, as well as have won numerous safety awards.

“We’re focused on quality,” said Daseke. “We continue to grow, recently adding two new premier companies to our family – The Schilli Companies, headquartered in Indiana and Big Freight Systems, headquartered in Manitoba, Canada. We want our people to experience ownership as we work every day to build value for our customers and our owners.”

About Daseke

Daseke Inc. is the largest owner and a leading consolidator of open deck transportation and logistics solutions in North America. With over 3,500 trucks and 7,300 open deck and specialized trailers. Daseke offers comprehensive, best-in-class services to the world’s most respected industrial shippers.

The Daseke family of open deck and specialized transportation and logistics companies includes Smokey Point Distributing (, E.W. Wylie (, J. Grady Randolph (, Central Oregon Truck Company (, The Boyd Companies including Boyd Bros. Transportation ( and WTI Transport (, Lone Star Transportation (, Bulldog Hiway Express (, Hornady Transportation (, The Schilli Companies (, and Big Freight Systems (

Press Release – March 26, 2015
Hornady Transportation Presented with Award

(Monroeville, AL) –Hornady Transportation was recognized and presented with the Engineers Award during the Annual Safety Awards Presentation presented by the Alabama Trucking Association’s (ATA) Worker’s Compensation Fund. This award honors transportation carriers that excel in their commitment to driver safety and creation of a safe work environment for their drivers and staff.

Joe Booker, Vice President at Hornady, stated, “This award reflects the outstanding leadership of our Safety Director, Wolf Lindh, and our Subrogation and Claims Manager, Debra Allred, for establishing and enthusiastically promoting a culture of safe work practices. Additionally, it would not have been possible without the commitment of our entire organization to embrace the culture. We are honored to have been recognized in this manner. It is truly representative of the combined efforts of our staff and drivers.”

The ATA’s Annual Safety Awards Presentation honors Alabama Trucking fleets that have posted the best accident frequency numbers for 2014. Categories are segregated by the type of operation and by the number of miles each fleet traveled in the state of Alabama last year. The banquet was held Monday, March 23, 2015 at Pelham Civic Complex in Pelham, AL.

Press Release – February 13, 2014
Talking Money and Hard Driving

Text by Laura Stakelum

CEO Chris Hornady (in truck) and President Joe Booker with one of the firm’s newest trucks, added to the fleet in January 2014.

Faced with a workforce challenge, this Alabama trucking company dug deep into its own pockets, investing $18 million in driver pay and training.

Chris Hornady, president of Monroeville-based Hornady Transportation LLC, is one of those owners who says he thinks of his employees as family.

But it takes more than words to make a family of 250 hard-traveling truck drivers with incomes slashed by drive time regulations. For Hornady, it took an $18 million investment — most of it in pay, training and home time directly benefiting his workers.

When the company began to notice a driver shortage, they listened to their employees on how to retain existing drivers and attract new recruits.

Hornady and Vice President Joe Booker wanted to stay competitive with other companies in the trucking industry and target specific candidates who were highly qualified for the jobs. Hours-of-service restrictions and Compliance, Safety and Accountability regulations set by the government can make driving a truck a challenging career choice. Hornady knows that drivers are key to the success of the company.

“Our drivers were feeling the effects of these changing regulations, and we need to compensate them for their dedication,” Hornady says.

In October 2013, Hornady Transportation announced an $18 million investment in programs for drivers and equipment. By adding to the existing payment and training programs, Hornady has been able to set the bar higher and be more particular about the ideal candidates for the job.

“To get the right people, you have to be attractive to the right people,” Hornady says. “It takes exceptional individuals to fill these positions.”

Since 1928, family-owned Hornady Transportation has developed into a leading flatbed carrier in the eastern United States. For seven straight years, Hornady has received the Silver Award by Great West Casualty Co. for its safety record.

With CSA regulations getting more restrictive, Hornady wanted to make sure their drivers were compensated for their service. Existing drivers were encouraged to offer their opinions on ways to retain and recruit drivers. Feedback and email responses on how to improve the current programs resulted in a $1 million investment in driver payment packages. Drivers were able to express themselves about the pay scale, training, bonuses, equipment and home time. Now, drivers receive tarp pay — a flat rate per tarp load — as well as performance bonuses. Rapid Lease, a new opportunity for drivers who may want to one day own their own business, gives experienced, qualified drivers a chance to participate in a lease purchase program.

“Flatbed drivers are an exceptional class of drivers, and they should be compensated for their dedication and commitment to continue to provide great service,” says Hornady. “We are working in every phase of our operation to become more attractive to these drivers.”

New top-of-the-line equipment is another part of the recruiting and retaining effort. Hornady recently brought 35 new 2014 Cascadia Freightliners into the fleet through a $16 million investment during 2012 and 2013. These trucks feature DD15 engines to help get the job done faster. The new beige trucks and black trailers have revamped Hornady’s image. In addition, the company invested $1 million in a new training facility with new technology, as well as an increase in orientation and training pay.

Hornady says a key component in the success of the driver program is having an engaged group of professional drivers. Hornady is using Facebook and other social media to encourage drivers to communicate and interact with their families. A monthly newsletter addresses driver issues and concerns to keep them informed on their company and the industry.

Looking to 2014, Hornady wants to continue the growth, as well as focus on more diversification and acquisition opportunities. Approximately 40-50 trucks and trailers are scheduled to be added, and driver benefits will continue to be reviewed.

“Our goal is to continue to grow as a company in all areas,” Hornady says. “We will continue to invest in our drivers now and in the future.”

Drivers have been happy with the changes, especially the pay scale and guaranteed home-time. Since Hornady believes that drivers are the key to the continued success of the business, Hornady and Booker are gratified to hear the excitement of the drivers. By meeting the needs of their employees, Hornady Transportation has used driver concerns as an opportunity for growth.

“We try to treat each driver no differently than we would a family member,” says Booker.

Laura Stakelum is a freelance writer for Business Alabama. She lives in Dothan.

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Press Release – January 13, 2014
Hornady Transportation Donates Facility to Community

Hornady Transportation donates their former corporate facility to the Monroe County Commission. The “Hornady Building” will now become a maintenance building for the Monroe County Maintenance Department.

“I am humbled at the generosity of B.C. and Chris Hornady.  The gifting of the shop and land to the Monroe County Commission to be used as a new county maintenance shop is unparalleled.  The Hornady’s love and dedication to their community is abundantly apparent in this donation to the county,” stated Greg Norris, Probate Judge and Chairman of Monroe County Commission.

The facility consists of a main building, a truck maintenance area and a small storage facility. This site was previously the corporate office and main driver terminal. The main building consists of offices, restrooms and a lounge. The total area that will be donated is approximately 9.78 acres. “I am extremely thankful that they chose to bless us with their gift.  It has come at a much needed time.  Their gracious generosity has provided a solution to an impossible problem.  I am so thankful to have the Hornady Family and Hornady Transportation, LLC as part of our community!!!”, stated Norris.

Hornady has served Monroe County for over 85 years. It was established in 1925 by G.E. Hornady and with continuous growth has become Hornady Transportation, LLC, a leading flatbed company within the transportation industry. “What matters most in life is what you do for others,” stated B.C. Hornady, “We are giving a token of our appreciation for the loyalty of our employees and the citizens of Monroe County.

“We are pleased to be able to give back to the community that has supported us from the beginning. I hope this building is shown as a landmark of the strength and determination of a small town business,” stated Chris Hornady, President, “As we look into 2014, our goals and commitments are and will forever remain the same, delivering superior customer service, exceeding customer expectations, focusing on diversification and acquisition opportunities to provide the necessary success for our drivers and staff.”

“Monroeville is home for Hornady and we hope this facility will be an essential tool for continuous community development,” stated Chris Hornady, President.